Fox & Friends Laugh Over Ray Rice Knocking Out Wife

By now you have probably heard that the Baltimore Ravens are cutting running back Ray Rice after footage was released of him knocking out his then fiancée, now wife, Janay Palmer in an elevator. The footage is pretty rough to watch by anyone’s standards.

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However the hosts over at Fox & Friends must have thought this was some kind of hidden camera prank. Brian Kilmeade threw out some lighthearted banter about the topic, saying, “The message is: ‘take the stairs!'”

DAMN. Why is that Brian, because you know how hard it is to knock a woman out in a stairwell? Let’s hope Brian Kilmeade’s wife doesn’t get in any elevators with her husband anytime soon.

To be fair we’ve all made some “off color” jokes now and again.  I bet somewhere Joan Rivers is smiling down at this “inappropriate” commentary; it’s a just a joke, right? “Oh grow up!”  Watch the comments toward the end of the video here:

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However the hosts of Fox & Friends aren’t insult comics, they are supposed to be serious journalists, right?

Good old Steve Doocy tried to correct his co-host’s doozy by throwing down:

“The message is when you’re in an elevator, there’s a camera.”

So.. not that you shouldn’t knock your wife out, but that you should do it where there aren’t any cameras. Thanks, got it Steve!

If you’re not familiar with Fox and Friends, it’s a morning news show akin to The Today Show targeting the segment of the population that think the film American Psycho is a lifestyle to live by. No matter what your political affiliation you can appreciate that Fox & Friends is pretty nutty.

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I used to think that the parody Saturday Night Live does of the show was just an outlandish caricature, but it’s segments like this that make the parody seem pretty tame by comparison. Bobby Moynihan does a spot on Brian Kilmeade, interjecting totally insane commentary. They could probably swap out the real Kilmeade for Bobby and no one would notice.

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