Four-Legged Robot To Become Your New Bodyguard

a four-legged robot developed to be a bodyguard

Image Source: Huffington Post

Four-legged robots – called quadruped robots – are on the fast track to replacing people in perilous situations.

Meaning bodyguards and security personnel — among others — may soon be out of a job.

The advantages of these robots are many:

They can move over rough terrain unlike other robots because of their four legs.

a four-legged robot runs like a dog

Image Source: Imgur

They also lack fear, allowing them to operate at a higher performance than humans in dangerous situations and rescue recovery efforts.

Is this really going to be possible, or is this yet another tech story to get us excited (and kinda’ scared of the robot apocalypse)?

a transformer dog posed for action

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So they are quickly creating a robot that can walk and run, as well as grab you by the neck in case you try any funny business…

The hydraulic arm was designed by a PhD student named Bilal Ur Rehman, who really makes me feel like an underachiever.

“Right now this arm can carry 10 kg when it’s fully extended. It’s total weight is 12.5 kg, so it can almost carry the same external load as its own weight. It’s also pretty fast…” Rehman said.

an engineer works on the HYQ Centaur

Image Source: Yahoo

Dubbed the HyQ Centaur, the technology within it connects the arm(s) to the legs, allowing them to work together. So if there is a disturbance around the centaur, it will react.

Algorithms developed by the engineers are ‘training’ the robot before it goes into action.

Sure, there have been four-legged robots for a while, but this technology has taken things to another level…

The U.S. and China have leading robotic studies going on, but the Italian team says what those teams are not doing is focus on versatility.

The Italians are.

Versatility would be key in using the centaur for protection in dangerous situations and also in rescues. How awesome would it be to have a whole army of these?

The versatility and speed of reaction time is something that has been missing in robotics.

Looks like that problem is going away. And robots are going to take over the earth.

Source: Huffington Post