Former President George W. Bush Was Called For Jury Duty

Now you guys can knock yourself out going nuts in the comments pro and con, but seeing a former President walk into jury duty is just funny, no matter if you voted for him or not. Potential jurors in Dallas, Texas found this out Wednesday morning when former President George W. Bush showed up for the jury selection process. He posed for some selfies of mass elation:

Heh-heh; jury duty.

Freddy Ford, a representative for number 43 said in a statement to CNN:

“President Bush received his jury summons and reported for service this morning at the George Allen Courts Building in Dallas. He sat through the jury selection panel for a case in Judge Eric Moye’s court on the 14th civil district but — surprise! — was not picked to serve as a juror. He was there for about three hours and posed for photos with other jury candidates, judges, and court staff.”

I’m guessing he has some sweet paintings to get back to, so he really dodged that one. Plus can you imagine being on trial for petty theft and the guy that stole the 2000 presidential election is sitting there on the jury, I mean come ON! I’m kidding! Hey, notice they didn’t call Obama for jury duty because you have to be a United States citizen to serve, am I right?

President Bush was very gracious and posed for pictures with lots of folks, making for one epic jury duty service they will remember the rest of their lives.

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Source: CNN