There’s A Website Dedicated To Foreign Object Butt X-Rays (13 PICS) is calling itself a free educational radiology resource with one of the web’s largest collection of radiology cases and reference articles. Long story short, they have a nice collection of x-rays from people who have shoved weird stuff up their butt. To be fair, the site states that in most cases, patients can’t remember how these objects have entered their anus’, but I think it’s safe to say we all know how they got there. Regardless, here’s a top 13 list from what the site has to offer, y’know, in the name of science.

1. A Rubber Fist

2. A small jar of coffee

3. A rubber lady toy.

4. A pestle mixer.

5. An orange.

6. A spray can.

7. A vibrator.

8. A gas lighter refill.

9. Eggs.

10. A zucchini.

11. A bottle.

12. A deodorant bottle.

13. And, um, yeah.

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source: Gizmodo