BREAKING: Harrison Ford’s Ankle Injury Will Keep Him Off The Falcon For A While

Seemed like Ford’s ankle injury from the Star Wars Episode VII set was pretty minor early on, but now the truth is starting to come out.  Recently, it was declared that he had a broken ankle instead of something less severe, and now we find out how long exactly Ford will need to stay off those Sarlac toothpicks of his.

The doctors involved are saying that Ford will be out of commission for eight weeks. This news must put the Episode VII production into a real pickle, considering they’re building sets, props and everything else as they shoot, probably prepping everything a few days before the crew comes in.  And with shoots of this value and size, everything is scheduled to the smallest degree, so this can’t be good at all.

Luckily we have a speculative x-ray of Ford’s injury here.

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source: Badassdigest