‘Force Awakens’ Blu-Ray Reveals Shocking Nude Scenes Of Rey And Finn

We’ve all seen The Force Awakens (some of us more times than others) which means Disney needs to promote something other than the film itself. CUE THE DELETED SCENES! Disney has been promoting said deleted scenes from the blockbuster movie during their recent marketing campaign for the DVD/Blu-Ray release on April 5th like crazy. However, they did fail to mention the multiple nude scenes between Rey and Finn. What?!

Finn is as shocked as we are.

In what J.J. Abrams has described as scenes that Disney demanded to be cut from the theatrical release because “they’re Disney”, fans of The Force Awakens are now able to enjoy these shocking moments thanks to the Deleted Scenes portion of the home release.

Abrams interviewed with Nerdist about the decision to cut the nude scenes which would have inevitably made The Force Awakens the first R-rated Star Wars movie ever:

“I wanted to bring Star Wars out of the 70’s and 80’s and in front of the iPhone audience, an audience that would appreciate adult moments like this. I had a big meeting with everyone at Disney which led to snipping these moments. A pretty painful for me as the film’s director. I’m just happy fans will finally be able to see these beautiful moments between Rey and Finn, especially the scene where Finn disrobes in front of Rey in the forest. That was a fun day.”

It’s clear that Abrams as the director (and co-screenwriter of the movie) wanted to put a real emphasis on the characters’ blossoming relationship but scenes like the one below seem to be just a bit too vulgar for the inevitable kids in the audience.

Even BB-8 doesn’t know what to make of this moment.

With Disney being brilliant The Force Awakens marketing thus far, maybe it was a slick move to wait and put these scenes on the home release so people REALLY have a reason to go out and buy them. I just wonder if this might hurt sales with the more family friendly demographic. Regardless, remember that April Fool’s isn’t always about being fooled, it’s about having a good laugh too.