You Are Going To Want To Live In This Underwater Villa

It’s no secret that the rent these days is too damn high. Hell, it’s so damn high that the guy who told us that “The rent is too damn high” couldn’t pay his own rent. So $1.3 million might sound like a lot of money for any kind of house, but it’s actually not a bad price for a home that resembles a Bond villain’s underwater lair. 

The Kleindienst Group wants to build a community of underwater homes on a chain of islands off the coast of Dubai. They call it the “Heart of Europe” project. We assume they called it that because “Rapture” was already taken for city naming rights. 

You can buy a luxury home that sits above and below the water for just $1.36 million per unit. Each 1,700 square-foot villa is a three-story home with two of the levels sitting above the water and the lower level underneath it. They include all of the basic amenities such as kitchens, bathrooms and bedrooms except that one of those rooms is under-freaking-water. Finally, you can come up with something to top that snooty neighbor who seems all too proud of their impressive aquarium. Now, the friggin’ ocean is your aquarium! 

The group building the community also has some impressive plans for the rest of the islands. The chain of islands will include a number of shops and businesses such as a wedding themed hotel and a large, open aquarium. You can also get across the islands on a series of floating bridges. That may sound impressive until you realize you can’t bring your car. Unless, of course, you’ve got one of these. 




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