For $117,000 A Seat You Can Ride On The Four Seasons Luxury Jet Around The World

Recently we showed you some of the most horrifying proposals the airline industry is putting forward to try and torture passengers even more than they already do. One patent application would have passengers facing each other,  while another proposal put seats on gears so maniacs could roll their seat backward giving the guy behind him less legroom. While those are some sick human experiments, today we are going to take a look at an air travel company going in the total opposite direction. You have heard of the ritzy Four Seasons Hotels, but did you know that they have a Four Seasons jet you can book a ticket on? Luckily Donald Trump already has his own plane or e would be snatching up this classy ride:

Unfortunately this baller jet is only booking exclusive prepackaged vacations at this time.  A Four Seasons branded 52 seat Boing 757 is planning to take passengers all over the world next year. For $117,000 a ticket passengers will take a trip from Orlando, Florida and visit Peru, Chili, Australia, India, Jordan and other destinations all in 23 days. Sounds marvelous.

Each white leather, business class seat comes with power plugs, Bose headphones and iPads loaded with music and movies (instead of having to watch TV on the back of someone else’s headrest like a commoner. )

The seats fully recline so passengers can stretch out and sleep under cashmere blankets. Everyone also gets a Bvlgari travel kit which sounds super fancy, like a Bugatti or Bukakke.

For your money you get all the food and booze you can handle. Here is a sample menu for a Four Seasons Flight. You will be happy to know you can crack open a Budweiser with your Hawaiian Lobster. 

I don’t know about you but for $117,000 I was expecting something a little more like the Austin Powers plane?

In fact for a mere $18,000 a ticket onboard Singapore Airlines you get your own private cabin with a full bed, flat screen TV and lots of gourmet food and booze. The bed doesn’t spin, but it does seem pretty shagadelic:

Does $117,000 for a trip on this Four Seasons plane seem worth it?

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Source: Business Insider