Footage Of Smoke Filled JetBlue Plane With Engine On Fire

Today an aviation disaster was averted when pilots safely made an emergency landing of a JetBlue flight shortly after it took off from Long Beach, California on its way to Austin, Texas. 15 minutes into flight 1416 passengers and crew knew something was wrong as they heard a loud noise and the cabin began to fill with smoke. In this video clip captured by YouTube user scottfwelch you can hear the captain calmly tells passengers over the intercom;

“Ladies and gentlemen we’ve had a right engine failure, I’m shutting down the engine and we are headed back to Long Beach at this time….”

The phrase “engine failure” is a pretty terrifying thing to hear the captain of your plane say and as you could imagine passengers cried and prayed for the duration of the flight. Many thought “this is it.” This guy captured some intense footage:

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In this video you can hear as the flight attendants yell for passengers to “Brace! Brace! Brace!” for a possible rough landing:

Amazingly the pilots put the plane on the ground in pretty smoothly. Passengers were quick to slide down the emergency exits. They were so relieved to be on the ground that many, including Twilight actor Jackson Rathbone (he plays one of those vampires) who was traveling with his family, started taking selfies.

Rathbone made the whole potential disaster a social media experience, tweeting during the flight;

One Chihuahua holding passenger told CNN that; “I’m just happy to be alive. I don’t think I’ll be mean to anybody ever again.”

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Awesome job to the pilots of flight 1416 for a safe landing! Captain Sully approves!

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