These Greatest Food Truck Spills Will Make A Hungry Man Weep

It could be because there are too many trucks on the road, or too much food out there, or too many bad drivers, or some weird combination thereof, but it sure seems there are a lot of news stories about a truckload of some kind of food that got dumped all over a road somewhere. These Stories are just a few of such incidents.

1. Tomato Paste


A six inch thick layer of tomato paste hit the pavement in Modesto, CA in 2010, which might explain why the road started singing “When the moon hits your eye like a big pizza pie.”

2. Maple Syrup

Thousands of gallons of syrup were lost in a 2012 accident in Kentucky. The too weird to make up part of the story is that the accident occurred near the Buttermilk Pike exit, in an irony that even Aunt Jemima herself would have appreciated.

3. Cows

While technically cows aren’t food until you process them in some way, there’s no doubt that this very disturbing video of cows being injured could make you want to skip a meal or two.

4. 2500 Turkeys

If you ever wondered whether turkeys can fly, this clip offers conclusive evidence that they don’t. 

5. Raspberry Jam


Although the driver didn’t crash into a peanut butter truck, he couldn’t get himself out of this jam in Oregon in 2013.

6. Sausage


An Eden Prairie, Minnesota road recently got more than a fork full of smoked pork when a big rig took a spill. 

7. Ramen Noodles

Ramen is notoriously the cheapest food you can find, but it’s a good bet that the many packets dumped in North Carolina in 2015 would then have been worth even less. 

8. 40,000 Pounds of Ice Cream

ice cream

In 2011, two lanes of an interstate highway in Indiana were closed when 20 tons of Edy’s ice cream helped make the world’s least delicious sundae.

9. 1000’s of hamburger patties

I-15 in Utah was shut for hours when a whole lot of beef got grounded in 2009. Hold the pickles please.