Over 100 People Receive Food Poisoning After Food Safety Conference

If you’re wondering what exciting things you could do in Baltimore, having unrelenting diarrhea just made that list.

In early April, the Food Safety Summit was held at the Baltimore Convention Center where over 100 lucky attendees out 1300 “safety experts” reported to have received nausea and diarrhea one week after the convention. Luckily no one went to the hospital or died, but most anus’ did pay the heavy price.


City health officials found no violations during their most recent inspection of the Diarrhea Fun Zone and it’s apparently not clear if the illnesses was transmitted by “food or from person to person”, assumedly human centipede-style but we were however able to get our hands on this dramatic re-enactment between a chef and his staff.

As hilariously awful as this news is, at least it’ll make for a great episode on the “Summit TV” channel, which really redefines the term “all access pass”.

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“Joe Corby discusses the burning sensation, after this break.”