Florida Sheriff’s Office Rug Has A Great Typo

So this is a rug in a Florida sheriff’s office. Notice anything weird?


[[contentId: 2807935| | style: width:100%]]

Yep. “In Dog We Trust.”

It turns out the Pinellas County Sheriff’s Office in Largo, Florida had the forest green rug sitting in the entrance area of their offices for two whole months before someone spotted the mistake earlier this week. To be fair, who doesn’t trust dogs? Dirty communists, that’s who! 

Naturally, the office can’t keep the rug unless they want to be one of many of Florida’s regular sideshow attractions like the reptile store where a man died in a cockroach eating contest and the owner attacked his staff with a lizard. Instead, they’ve tried to turn this hilarious negative into a positive. They are going to sell the rug with the typo on it as part of a special auction that will raise money for a local animal rescue organization. A date for the auction hasn’t been set but the rug cost around $500 so they should get much more than that when it goes up on the auction block. Thank Dog for their generous nature.