Florida Woman Has A Special Offer For Three Different Cops If They Let Her Go

Today in Florida we go to Pinellas County where one woman’s motto is; if at first you don’t succeed, try, try again… and still fail. That is where 24-year-old Arielle Engert was pulled over at around 2:30AM and proceeded to fail a series of sobriety tests. Officers discovered that she was driving with an alcohol level of .162 or twice the legal limit. In addition she had a bag of weed in her purse. Whoops! However things got a little saucy when the liquored up lady was being booked at the police station.  


Engert allegedly offered to give some oral sex to Deputy Brian Sudbrink if he dropped the charges and let her go. However good guy Sudbrink declined to drop either the charges or his pants.

She has got DSL… internet. DSL Internet.

Later, when the fellatio offering felon was being processed in the county jail itself, she again made known her special support for our boys in blue. This time she offered an officer the old slurp an burp after they found a bag of cocaine in her right bra.  Again she was denied an early release for the officer’s release.


Something tells me we will be seeing her again.

Now facing additional charges of bribery and bringing a controlled substance into a detention facility she made one last ditch effort by asking a THIRD officer if he would like a beej in exchange for letting her go. Third time is definitely not a charm for this chick as he also said no. Hopefully she extends this negotiation technique to the ladies as she will be very popular on the prison yard.

You may recall the woman who offered to lick a cop’s butthole in order to be let go (a sister from another mister). She was also declined. What kind of sexual favors does a person need to offer to get out of jail? And people say there are no honest cops! You’re telling me that this girl who loves to party with booze, weed and cocaine and offers beej’s like they were party favors couldn’t come to “an arrangement” with at least one officer? Well then God Bless America!

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Source:  NY Daily News