Florida Woman Arrested With Over 2,000 Knives And Swords In Her Mobile Home

Today in Florida we go to Brooksville, where Sherriff’s deputies were called to assist parole officers issuing a felony arrest warrant to one Nickole Dykema. However it seems that Dykema was prepared for any assort of infiltration on her home including law enforcement, zombies or vampires.

Maybe she was just practicing her sword swallowing act?

Her trailer housed what authorities described as a knife room, containing over 2,000 swords, machetes and other bladed weapons. This was in addition to hordes of fake body parts, Satanic symbols…. And blades attached to the ceiling fan. The cast of The Walking Dead could learn a thing or two her! She is not crazy, she is a survivor!

She was just getting ready for Halloween. What gives?

Dykema was being investigated for ripping off her neighbors screen windows and other parole violations. When the officers approached her house she retreated back inside. Once other officers arrived, they forced their way inside only to be confronted by the woman wielding a machete which she used to try and stab one of the deputies. Luckily she missed his face by inches. Like in any good horror movie she tried to make all her troubles go away by hiding behind a blanket.

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This video contains so much Florida; old people golfing vs crazy Satanic lady with trailer home full of swords.

Deputies fired some beanbags at Dykema who didn’t give up, retreating into her SWORD ROOM. It should be noted that at this point officers were looking around the home which included a Satanic alter with pentagrams scrawled on the wall. The unholy beast then came back out of the sword room with two more swords. Refusing to drop her weapons cops shot her with a stun gun. Finally they were able to subdue the sword swinging Satanist.

Sherriff Al Nienhuis said, “This person was obviously dangerous to the community. It amazes me that there deputies were able to take her into custody without being injured.”

Neighbors were also relieved that deputies removed the thousands of bladed instruments from the home. She was charged with resisting arrest, assault on a law enforcement officer, property damage/ criminal mischief and three counts of violation of probation. While she will be judged in a human court, no word on how the Dark Lord will reward her for her service.

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Source: Fox News