UGH: Florida Woman Accidentally Super Glues Her Eye Shut

Today in Florida we go to Lantana where a woman had her day go from bad to worse; way worse. Katherine Gaydos was using a leaf blower when some debris blew into her eye. She asked a man to reach into her purse and grab her eye drops, a nice soothing bottle of Visine. However instead the man accidently grabbed her bottle of SUPER GLUE and poured it directly into her eye, sealing it shut. Well at least now she won’t have to watch that Heroes reboot, that looks terrible.

Either she glued her eye shut or took a trip on The Bang Bus.

Horrifyingly the super glue stuck right to her eyeball, and sealed her eyelids shut. Gaydos told WPBF,

“As soon as I felt it burn, I closed my eye and screamed and called 911.”

Once at the emergency room doctors used lidocaine to force her eye open, although she is still having trouble opening it. And here is something you never want to have to have done; Friday she is scheduled to have the super glue scraped off of her cornea. I’ll add that to my list of medical procedures to avoid, like getting the leeches removed from my penis and the spider larva removed from my anus. Don’t ask.

This raises a lot of questions; why did the man not read the bottle and be able to tell the difference between eye drops and super glue? Why did Gaydos have both a bottle of eye drops and super glue next to each other in her purse? – Apparently the glue was used to apply fake fingernails on her hand. However if you ask me this was just asking for trouble. Reminds me of that old SNL sketch “Pet Chow Rat Poison.”

What is the worst thing you ever got stuck in your eye?

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Source: Fox 6 Now