Florida Weight Lifter Punches Burglar Right In The Face

A would be “Bonnie and Clyde,” Florida couple Tobias Cobb and Kimberly Jarrell of Volusia County liked to go up to houses, knock on the door to see if anyone was home and then burglarize houses when the owners were out. Their “knock knock burglary” scheme almost resulted in one of them getting knock- knocked out.

The couple that steals together stays together.

Jarrell would knock on the doors and if nobody was home Cobb would enter and steal jewelry and valuable items. Their plan was seemingly working out when they entered the house of a former weightlifter, Margaret Gulia. That’s when Gulia came home to catch Cobb in her bedroom.  She told him, “You are in my mother and dad’s house and it ain’t happening.”

She was standing her ground with a couple of GUNS. *This is not the badass lady in question.

As Gulia began to dial 911, Cobb made the mistake of hitting her, so according to her she “socked him in his eye and he was trying to get away and I had him by his shirt and I wouldn’t let go. I tried to drag him to get to the phone.”

Get out!

Cobb was able to flee the house and ran down the street when a neighbor chased him to a plaza. The neighbor flagged down a police officer and the officer cornered Cobb hiding in a closet, telling him “ You can come out or get bit by my dog.”

Jarrell was later arrested after neighbors recognized her and charged with “principal to burglary.” Cobb is locked up and charged with burglary with assault/battery, burglary of an occupied structure, grand theft, depriving the use of 911, resisting an officer without violence, possession of burglary tools and criminal mischief. The weightlifter says that if she catches them trying to rob her again, she is going to use a different pair of guns: “Just don’t come back to my house again, because the next time you’ll get shot.”

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Source: Click Orlando