Today In Florida: Shoplifter Wearing “Won’t Be Caught” Shirt Arrested

They say you should dress for the job you want, not the job you have. Well, if being a shoplifter is a job, then this woman should have received her pink slip. A woman in (where else?) Florida was arrested for stealing from a store while wearing a not-so-appropriate T-shirt.

Police in Sanford, Florida arrested Lexus Perry who was caught on camera shoplifting from a store while wearing a shirt that read, “Won’t Be Caught.” So she definitely shouldn’t be a shoplifter and she shouldn’t be a psychic.

Perry stole from a Marshall’s clothing store in late August with two other unidentified women. The three stole five purses from the store worth over $700 in total. How do you walk out of a store with five purses without anyone noticing? Was one of the females an octopus or something?

Police are still looking for the other two women involved in the theft. It is suspected they are wearing shirts that read “I’m Not a Shoplifter” and “I Won’t Get a Criminal Charge That I’ll Have to Put on a Job Application in the Future.”