Criminal Almost Escaped Police But Stopped To Play With Some Cats Instead

Recently in Florida, Daniel Pinedo-Velapatino was in mid-run from police when he stopped his fleeing to pet some cats. I’m not sure if Florida criminals are getting dumber or just growing a bigger heart.

After having a warrant issued for his arrest for allegedly stealing $2,000 out of his friends wallet the night before, Velapatino decided to flee from police but crashed a Lexus (which may or may not have been his car) into traffic. He also hit a cop car and a fire hydrant in the process. He then ran into a residential neighborhood, where he approached one of the houses. After the female homeowner answered the door, he politely asked for a glass of water and was let in the house. When the homeowner returned, Velapatino was on the floor playing with her cats.

Luckily, the woman’s husband was home and questioned Velapatino which apparently made the criminal snap out of it and flee the house where he was quickly captured. Bless his heart.

Velapatino faced charges of “burglary of an occupied dwelling, three counts of drug possession, three counts of assault, hit and run, and grand theft auto” and just a few others. He is not however charged with having a heart of gold for cats.

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source: Patch