Florida Teen Bitten By Snake He Kept In A Pillowcase On His Bed

Today in Florida an 18 year-old from Wimauma is recovering after a water moccasin which he kept in a pillowcase on his bed bit him right in the FACE.

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When the water moccasin AKA a Cottonmouth snake was taken out of the pillowcase Saturday night teen “brain surgeon” Austin Hatfield grabbed it close to his chest, and the snake snapped him on the lip. That or he was just trying to look like one of those duck faced Kylie Jenner Challenge girls.

A bite from a Cottonmouth can be deadly, its venom causing massive swelling. There are two things I know in life to be true; don’t go chasing waterfalls and don’t keep a dang snake in a pillowcase on your bed.

“I got a snaaaake, mang!”

Hatfield’s buddy Jason Belcher, was in the room when it happened as Belcher took his good friend Mr. Snake out for some silly fun that quickly turned into major fail.

“He took it out, put it on his chest and it was acting funny, and it jumped up and got him,” he said.

Is that a snake around your neck or are you just happy to see me?

He immediately started to swell up and was rushed to the hospital in critical condition, but later his condition improved. So it’s OK to laugh at this doof.  Florida Fish and Wildlife officials don’t think the situation is so funny. They say that real snake charmer captured the Cottonmouth in his girlfriend’s yard and kept it in the pillow case. They are now investigating Hatfield since he did not have a permit to possess a venomous reptile.

Watched his friend play with his snake.

Who knows, maybe he will start a whole new Internet trend and kids will be going out attempting to get bit by snakes to make their faces all puffy and cool just like this “rock star.”

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Source: Fox 4 News