Florida Teacher Canned For Showing 7-Year-Olds Episode of “Naked And Afraid”

Florida gets ragged on a lot in weird news section. They seem to get more than their fair share of crazies and weirdos doing dumb things that require the police. They get picked on a lot for being the part of America where common sense goes to die. So here’s another one of those stories involving a public school teacher who’s in some serious hot water.

No, she didn’t sleep with one of her students. She screened an episode of the Discovery Channel series “Naked and Afraid” to her classroom of 7-year-olds. This is what Florida’s public schools call “progress.”

The unidentified teacher was serving as a substitute for an elementary school computer class. School officials say they aren’t sure why the teacher screened the episode in the classroom. Perhaps she was teaching them how to illegally download TV shows for torrent websites?

The incident is still under investigation. Public school officials in the Collier County Public School district placed a ban on the teacher across every school in the district. “Naked and Afraid” is a basic cable series so all of the participants’ naughty bits were blurred out but some of the students are definitely going to have some questions for their parents the next time they go camping or catch them playing “Caveman” in their bedroom.