Florida Senate Candidate Admits To Sacrificing Goat And Drinking Its Blood

Florida is the birthplace of Death Metal and bands like Cannibal Corpse hail from there. So it is no surprise that Florida would have a candidate for the United States Senate that has participated in some pretty brutal, metal sounding antics. A Florida lawyer who goes by the name Augustus Sol Invictus is running for the Senate seat vacated by Marco Rubio who is now running for president. Invictus won’t give his birth name, but legally changed it to a Latin name that means “majestic unconquered sun” – which sounds like a totally shredding Morbid Angel song that he wrote.

This guy deserves credit for the craziest thing a politician has done or said this year.

If his new moniker isn’t strange enough, Invictus is gaining attention not just for his policies, which have attracted support from Neo-Nazis (including starting a civil war), but the fact that he sacrificed a goat and drank its blood.

Two years ago the lawyer walked from central Florida all the way to the Mojavie Desert and stayed there for a week, praying and fasting. He didn’t think he would survive the trek, but luckily for us the would-be Senator from the great state of Florida did. In order to give thanks for living through the experience he performed a pagan ritual where he killed a goat and drank its blood. He told the Associated Press;

“I did sacrifice a goat. I know that’s probably a quibble in the mind of most Americans. I sacrificed an animal to the god of the wilderness…Yes, I drank the goat’s blood.”

Just a quibble, like using your home email for work or raising taxes; it bothers people a little bit! Sacrificing a goat and drinking its blood is kind of a whoops-a-daisy. Although I’m sure Invictus can find some voters that relate to his situation, such as the Florida woman with Satanic alters and thousands of swords in her trailer home… he has her vote locked up.

One of these guys is accused of murdering two people in a shooting rampage, the other wants to start a civil war and drinks goat blood.

Invictus is running as a Libertarian candidate and that doesn’t sit too well with party officials. The chairman of the Florida Libertarian Party, Adrian Wylie  resigned in protest of Invictus’ candidacy. However, maybe this is just a misunderstanding, after all a lot of crazy things get said during heated political campaigns. This guy can’t really be Neo Nazi sympathizer pushing for a civil war? In another statement to the AP Invictus said;

“It has been said that I associate with neo-Nazis and skinheads. You’re goddamn right I do. I am a criminal defense lawyer, and I am proud of the work I have done for the American Front. Every Libertarian in America should be supporting them as victims of an overreaching Government, and for the record, I am proud to call them my friends.”

Oh.  Well maybe the Florida woman who offered three cops a beej in order to be let go is available now to be senator?

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Source: NY Daily News