Florida School Won’t Let Grades Go Below 50 Percent

A few weeks ago we told you about a Pee Wee football team that was fined $500 after one of their players scored a touchdown, thus beating the other team by more than 32 points, which was against the leagues “Mercy Rule.” Now it seems that a school in Orange County, Florida has a mercy rule for all of their students. Tuesday, the school board officially enacted a policy where middle school and high school students will not be able to receive an average grade lower than a failing 50.  Teachers everywhere would give this policy an F if they didn’t just give themselves such a hard face palm.

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The school board argued that this policy will help students continue with their education who might otherwise give up and drop out of school. One board member said,  “It’s really giving kids an opportunity who have slipped up in a marking period. They don’t fall so far behind that they can’t make it up in an academic year.”

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In Florida always double check the pointy white head coverings say “Dunce” on them.

Do you feel this policy is fair? What about the other students who worked hard to get a passing grade? What is this really teaching kids if they know they have a 50 percent and are failing anyway. It’s like bumper bowling for burnouts.  One teacher told the school board;

“This forces teachers to commit academic fraud and sacrifice their professional integrity. This also conflicts with state statutes.”

What happened to letting the drop outs be drop outs? So now we just pass everyone? We need more failing high school students to be forced to take the jobs the rest of us don’t want to do. Just like not letting a Pee Wee football team get beat by more than 32 points we are letting kids learn that they don’t have to worry about failing.

source: Orlando Sentinal

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