Florida School Can’t Find Where It Put A 40-Year-Old Time Capsule

Today in Florida we go to Indialantic where authorities at the Brevard County Middle School are scratching their heads as to where they placed a dang time capsule. 40 years ago, way back in 1976 a Social Studies teacher named Jack Deppner orchestrated the placing of the capsule. In it, he along with students at the time placed  an 8mm camera, newspaper clippings and some things from the school in celebration of the bicentennial of the United States. Deppner would never see those items again.

Time capsule is somewhere here. Maybe.

In 1996, Deppner wanted to open the capsule 20 years after he buried it. The only problem was; nobody could find it. Which is kind of crazy; how do you misplace a time capsule? Unless; it is not a time capsule but a time machine! The social studies teacher didn’t burry it so future generations could open it… but so that people of the PAST could! Bwooooow.

OR! It was 40 years ago and the 1970’s, people did a lot of drugs. Alumni of the school have been hell bent on finding the time capsule and are interested to see the stuff that they already know is in there. Sadly the teacher Depper spent the rest of his life trying to find the capsule, but died a few years ago before it could be located.

This has nothing to do with this story, but hey this is cool to think about.

Some people think that the time traveling time capsule is buried under the old shop class and boy’s locker room. However before they can dig around the school they need to get the School Boards permission. They hope to have it located soon to celebrate the school’s 50th anniversary. Maybe if they find it, it will contain a Sports Almanac from 2060 and the school will get rich, yay!

Hopefully the time capsule turns up safe and sound. The folks who recently cracked open a 50 year old time capsule discovered that the contents inside were completely ruined by rain water and everything looked like it belonged on an episode of Hoarders: Buried Alive.

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Source:  My News 13