Florida Police In Standoff With Couple Allow Them To Have Sex One Last Time

Ahhh, love. Is there anything more beautiful in this world? You can find love just about anywhere: between two birds snuggling against each other on a branch, an old couple sitting in the park who are still holdings, a couple having sex while barricading themselves from the police. That’s exactly what one couple did during a police standoff in (where else?) Florida. 

Aaaaaand you pictured it.

Ryan Patrick Bautista and Leanna Hunn got in a bit of trouble with the cops when police tracked them down to a trailer home. Police in Jacksonville received a call on Wednesday about another man wanted on several burglary warrants when they found Bautista who was also wanted on several outstanding warrants including armed burglary. Police knocked on the door of the home but they refused to come out and barricaded themselves inside the trailer for almost six hours. A hostage negotiator made contact with the couple and Hunn told police that they wouldn’t come out until she and Bautista could have sex “one last time.” Hey, barricaded sex must be pretty hot. 

Scene of the crime.

Eventually, police forced their way into the home and arrested Hunn and Bautista on charges of resisting police and false imprisonment since several other people were also in the trailer during the standoff.  According to local witnesses, they did get to get it on one last time before police slapped on the handcuffs and hauled them away. Unless, of course, their lovemaking involved handcuffs, which must have been a nice timesaver for the cops. 

Source: HuffPo