Florida Mom Fights Daughter’s Bully

Are you tougher than a sixth grader?

A Florida woman was arrested for getting in a fight with a 12 year old girl who she claims is her daughter’s bully. Irisdaly Rios was caught on camera in the parking lot of a middle school in Hialeah, Florida where she confronted twelve year old Ashley Perez. The mom says Perez bullies her daughter every day and she felt she was in danger. The girl went over to the woman’s car thinking that she may have some motherly advice to work things out with her daughter, but things quickly got physical.

Both were left with scratches, as onlookers took cell phone video of the incident.  What message is this really sending to her daughter? She should learn to fight her own battles. If bullies have to fight adults this will change the game. Call me old fashioned, but back in my day kids had to fight their own bullies! Kids today are spoiled.

Was this justified? Should parents confront their child’s bullies if they are in danger?

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