Florida Mom Fights Daughter’s Bully

PhilHaney by PhilHaney on Mar. 07, 2014

Are you tougher than a sixth grader?

A Florida woman was arrested for getting in a fight with a 12 year old girl who she claims is her daughter’s bully. Irisdaly Rios was caught on camera in the parking lot of a middle school in Hialeah, Florida where she confronted twelve year old Ashley Perez. The mom says Perez bullies her daughter every day and she felt she was in danger. The girl went over to the woman’s car thinking that she may have some motherly advice to work things out with her daughter, but things quickly got physical.

Both were left with scratches, as onlookers took cell phone video of the incident.  What message is this really sending to her daughter? She should learn to fight her own battles. If bullies have to fight adults this will change the game. Call me old fashioned, but back in my day kids had to fight their own bullies! Kids today are spoiled.

Was this justified? Should parents confront their child’s bullies if they are in danger?

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mascoma User

When I comes to your children, Well parents will do ANYTHING for them, reason is sometimes tossed out for a good ole beat down.  We don't have all the answers, but I'm sure she exhausted all other attempts to stop the young bitch, just short of using her ass for a hat.  I was the other girls parents that went wrong they didn't do anything to help they just taught their daughter to be a bully, you know pick on someone less than you are. 

Mr_Tideman User

If I was on the jury, I wouldn't convict.

treyert User

Step in and do what needs to be done!

Kyle Hinton
Kyle Hinton

Haha are you kidding me? Did you even watch the video? The mother threw the first punch. What a great way of showing your child that bullying is wrong by bullying a kid that is smaller than you.

Marc Sexton
Marc Sexton

Yeah because being attacked by a spoiled brat makes people bullies. Shut your pie hole.

Kyle Hinton
Kyle Hinton

The mum should be locked up. She's the bully here.

Mikey Greene
Mikey Greene

I don't give a damn what state it is,leave people the hell alone and they wouldn't have these problems

Mikey Greene
Mikey Greene

you damn right I would as well you don't mess with other people kids,I don't give a damn how old you are..you want to fight like a grown person,then get your ass beat like a grown person

Rye_Encoke User

I am on the mom's side.  Nobody steps in any more to help those being bullied.

Scott Campbell
Scott Campbell

If the bullying was severe and going on for a while, give the woman a medal - one less bully.

Dominic Pace
Dominic Pace

Only way its going to be solved. As politically incorrect as that may seem. Good for her.

Andrew Jared
Andrew Jared

(From Urban Dictionary) 2. Scorning, making fun of, or laughing at a particular group, object or idea (can be used multiple times to create a greater effect).

Dan Schooling
Dan Schooling

Not sure if you're saying that you are better than Florida or that anything is better than Florida, either way you're right!

Dan Schooling
Dan Schooling

Every bully should get a healthy dose of an adult's fist so they realize that they are in fact worthless scum and there will always be somebody bigger and better to step up and put them down.

Brian Lledo
Brian Lledo

I'm sure the bully was arguing with the mother like a grown up so let her fight like one.

James Harold Ifft
James Harold Ifft

In a Florida High school, dey boff speeks so goodly in engrish! I think the school is the criminal in this one!

Mark Bonenfant
Mark Bonenfant

You kidding? Next day at school the beatings will escalate when mommy isn't around.

Mikey Greene
Mikey Greene

so you think this only happens in Florida?

Steve De
Steve De

Way to go mom some parents don't really care, bullying still continues

Timothy-Raybon-970 User

If bullies had to fight adults, there would be less bullying. ANY bully out there, from 12 to 112, you wanna fight, let's fight.

Dustin Sweeney
Dustin Sweeney

Good. Sounds like she Did What the bully's parents should've.

ebsell User

Sometimes the only thing a bully understands is another bully.

Neenah-Lloyd-23 User

I like how the child explains that most of the time when parents come over to her its to tell her to stop being mean to their kid.  Just how many parents have approached  this girl on this subject?

ceprn User

Why can't Ashley, or the mom, speak English?

stuminator User

Apparently that school does't teach grammar, diction, or enunciation.  

Gregstreetz User

Couldn't understand either of them.

Rick-Moreno-694 User

When my daughter was in school a boy was bulling her. I spoke to his Drug addict mom , then the school.. Nothing was done. So I paid a kid to knock the F**K out of him..

Never had a problem after that.. :)

candiedhurt User

Arrest the mom, expel the little cunt bully.

paskari User

Samuel-Brownfield-372 for president!

johnplusfour User

If the school doesn't take immediate action then you visit the superintendent of schools for that district.


The mom was trying to get the girl to come over and apologize (she had her arm on her compelling her to come over to the car) the bullying little BlTCH then aggressively started in with one hand then the other, the mom reacted (over-reacted) but if the girl would have went over and apologized it wouldn't have happened, criminal charges will be easy to prove, civil, not so much, the girl deserved a beating but not by an adult (not that she was badly beaten) she should have run away, but instead started to through blows too, which shows that she is not innocent and wants to play the bada$$ for her friends

Sad situation, but if someone was bullying my kid they would catch a beat-down by a minor that just happened to be in the right place at the right time to stick up for my kid, sure I might have driven them there showed them pictures of the bully and said that I would be extremely happy if someone would beat them up to show them what it was like (happy enough to buy an xbox or ps4 for the kid) it would never be proven

Gotta plan it out people, can't take bullies out yourself, gotta find a bigger tougher kid

If you have a kid, make sure they don't bully kids or a parent as smart as me may get a genetic freak to teach them a lesson

redrobinyum User

why does the 12 year old daughter know how a mom would react to bullying unless she has been through this before?


Sounded like the girl had had some other parents complain as well.. as she says 'usually the parent would come over to try and work things out..'.  Oh she 's no little innocent girl. You can even tell by her pose when the mother approaches before she touches her.. that sort of what you gonna do stance.  Same look and attitude kids give teachers nowadays, thinking they can get away with anything and can't be touched.

Needles_Malloy User

The fact that the 12 yr. old stood there and exchanged blows with an adult shows that she's no shrinking violet...and most likely experienced in fighting. If she was a bully, she got what she deserved. If not, then the mom got what she deserved (arrest). 

Samuel-Brownfield-372 User

Assuming that words were first exchanged with the school, the mother and her child with no results, smack the shit out of the kid.  If that's the only way to stop a child from bullying yours in turn making their life miserable...    Children are committing suicide now because of abuse from bullies...  no matter what age, bullies need to be stomped out.  

BuzzKillx User

@ceprn and how do you buy that car? Stripper money maybe?

jiggyjosh12 User

@Samuel-Brownfield-372  exactly if the schools not gona stop it that mom had every right because her childs life was at risk. And how could anyone be on the bully girsl side in this even if she was attacked by a mom. Lil'bitch has to learn at some point how life is