Florida Mom Brands Kids With Hot Stick So People Know They’re Hers

23 year old Kayla Ozenham of Port Charlotte, Florida has been arrested for treating her 5 and 7 year- old kids more like cattle than innocent children.

The mother who works as a medical assistant is out of jail on bond after being arrested and charged with child abuse. Police allege that she intentionally burned her children with a hot stick, heating it with a lighter, so other people would know they are hers, telling the scared kids she “forgot how much she loved fire.”  

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Someone should have explained to Kayla that burning your kids is a quick way to no longer have them legally be your kids. The twisted Pyro-Mom told the children they could have ice cream if they let her burn them. I wonder what sort of barter system is set up to let people do things to you in women’s prison? I wonder what kind of “ice cream” they have there. 

Sometimes a “Florida Man” is a superhero.    

While a medical exam of the children is consistent with the burns, Ozenham denies all allegations. This brings us to a new Today in Florida segment where you, the loyal Break reader get to vote on an “appropriate” punishment for the alleged offender. Should Florida Pyro-Mom be found guilty of branding her kids, aside from the typical jail term, psychological counselling, blah – blah – blah, what should her punishment be? Ya’ll know what I’m talking about. She loves fire, so please vote from the fiery choices below and let us know in the comments!

1. The KaliMa!

2. Silent Hill “Burn Her!”

3. Going For Ride

4. Fall Into Lava Pit

5. Let us know what fiery death scene from a movie you would vote for!

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