Today in Florida: Speeding Driver Tells Cops He’s On Way to Kill Friend



When being pulled over by the police for speeding everyone is normally pretty quick to come up with a lame excuse to sheepishly tell the officer the reason they are doing 80 in a 55. “I’m late for work.”  “I really have to go to the bathroom.” “I’m about to have a baby and I don’t want to get after birth all over my Nissan Sentra!” Or in the case of Florida man, Alberto Moreno he drunkenly told cops a pretty great reason for driving “so fast that a speed was unable to be determined.”  He was going to commit murder.


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Slurring his speech, smelling of booze and with his shirt on backwards, Moreno told an officer that he was on his way to kill his friend. Seems reasonable! You know there should really be a signal or a way of alerting police officers that you are in an emergency and they shouldn’t pull you over for a ticket.  Am I right? To be fair Moreno had to drive really fast to get to his friend’s house to kill him, otherwise he might have passed out. His second excuse for driving so fast? He has been drinking all day and consumed at least six beers. Alberto sounds like a party animal. All it takes is six beers and he wants to kill his friend for “screwing him over?” Next time this guy should be more responsible. If you are going to be drinking all day, don’t get behind the wheel to go and kill your friend. Call a cab! OR, better yet call that friend for a ride! That way the friend can come pick you up and you can murder them in the car. Problem solved.


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