Florida Man Takes Baseball Bat & Smashes The Wrong Car In Anger

Today in Florida we go to the town of Bradenton where 22-year-old  Ryan T. Smith had a huge beef with his friend. While we don’t know exactly why the young Mr. Smith was angry toward his buddy, we do know that he took that anger out using what is called The Big Lebowski Method.

Smith took a baseball bat and went to town on what he thought was his friend’s vehicle, causing $1,600 worth of damage, smashing out the windows of the vehicle. While causing damage to a man’s vehicle may be considered by some to be a good form of retribution, the only problem was that this was NOT his friend’s car, and was in fact that of a neighbor with a similar make and model.

As Walter would say; “This is what happens when you f**ck a stranger in the ass!”

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Smith was arrested earlier in the week and later released from jail on $1500 bond. Hopefully he will learn to destroy the correct piece of property.

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Source: Bradenton