Florida Man Shoots Stepdaughter’s Boyfriend In The Face After He Dares Him

Today In Florida we go to Apopka for a story that keeps getting more Florida the more you read it. That’s because a 50 year-old man named Alvin Gene Knight was charged with shooting his stepdaughter’s 16 year-old boyfriend right in the face. Ouch.

After being charged with aggravated battery with a firearm Knight bonded out of Jail Monday night and wasn’t in the talking mood.

The boy was attempting to see his girlfriend Sunday afternoon when he was confronted outside her home by Knight and another man who were both wielding shotguns. The teenager took the barrel of Knight’s shotgun and put it up to his head saying he wasn’t afraid and dared him to shoot. He did. Whoops.

Now we’re talkin’.

Somehow the bullet only grazed the young man’s and he is expected to make a full recovery. Now you might be thinking, well this is just an over reacting father trying to protect his daughter. That’s until I tell you that The 18 year old girl may also be in trouble for her relationship with the underage guy who she already has one baby with and one on the way.  Double whoops! Well at lest he isn’t firing blanks.

The victim dodged a bullet this time, but then remembered he is still a teenage father.

Super Florida bonus: according to the local news the two are “somehow related” although police are still trying to figure out how.  Well, that is going to be one awkward baby shower; head wounds, underage love affairs and incest.

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Source:  Orlando Sentinel