Florida Man Gets DUI…For Driving Motorized Wheelchair While Drunk

Today in Florida we go to we go to a bridge where some unlucky motorists were unfortunate enough to encounter this guy.

Surprisingly not his first mugshot.

Ronny Scott Hicks, who has a name the screen writer of a low budget comedy would use to illustrate an easy to understand stereotype, was out for a drive in his motorized wheelchair. That is when local police received a call that good old Ronny was intoxicated and blocking other vehicles from passing by a bridge. By other vehicles I mean cars and not wheelchairs.

When officers arrived they noted that Hicks was smelling of booze and slurring his words. However that might have also been from his massive head wound that he refused to get treatment for. Not sure how he got the hole in his head but I’m guessing he wasn’t wearing his seatbelt. Boink!

Last time he was drunk.

Hicks refused to take a breathalyzer test from the police officers and would not follow any of their instructions. They took him into custody and he was booked on driving under the influence charges. This is not Hick’s first run in with the law and It is encouraging to see that Mr. Hicks is not going to let being in a wheel chair slow him down.

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Source: WCNC