Today in Florida: “Rambo” Charged with Attempted Murder of Bar Patrons

PhilHaney by PhilHaney on Mar. 17, 2014

A Florida man drew first blood when he walked into the Europa Lounge bar in Palm Coast dressed as Sylvester Stallone’s iconic 1980’s action hero “Rambo.” Daniel Allen Noble had been drinking quietly at the bar earlier in the night, but left and returned around 11:30PM packing an Uzi style assault rifle and two hunting knives.

"I AM the law!" - Wait, wrong movie.

The would-be Rambo started challenging bar patrons to a fight who he thought were expendable. However two customers with war in their blood quickly grabbed the barrel of the riffle, pointing it toward the ground when two shots went off. Before he was knocked unconscious, Noble pulled one of his knives and he cut the two men restraining him. Police later arrived to find Nobel pinned down by bar customers. I'm guessing the sherrif isn't going to take too kindly to his type messing up his town.

He probably won’t get to win this time either as he’s been charged with attempted murder, two counts of aggravated assault with a deadly weapon and battery with a deadly weapon. Looks like he is going to be locked up for a long time… at least until the United States military has a covert operation that only one man can handle.

On a side note, I just remembered that the first Rambo movie, "First Blood" was about a demented police department abusing a decorated war veteran. What ever happened to that police department? Did they get fined or anything? That's kind of messed up.

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Steven-Laufer-673 User

good thing to see there's still people that will do something about a situation like oppose to say, pulling out your phone/camera and taking pictures...

The-Langolier UserTop Commenter

"What ever happened to that police department? Did they get fined or anything? That's kind of messed up." Rambo took care of them in more ways than one. I think they split the blame, since Rambo wasn't exactly not fucked up in the head at that point. David Caruso is also in the movie, and says his lines in the geekiest way possible. Pre-scruffy old serious voice. Too bad Sylvester's newer movies don't even come close to the quality that Rambo and Rocky were. It really shows that money isn't the determining factor in quality.

Aggies77 User

an "uzi style assault rifle"......try again guys uzi doesn't make a rifle.

Youhouuuuuu User

The first Rambo was actually a great movie. Anyway hats off to this guy

BlankTitanic User

Ok, he's a nut. The Rambo references are stupid. Why not any other war movie? If he had been yelling out rambo quotes then okay. But that is a sensationalist and moronic piece of reporting.