Florida Man Declares Himself An Independent Country, Won’t Follow US Laws!

OK technically Joseph Anthony Rosa declared himself a “Sovereign Citizen” who happens to live within the landmass of the State of Florida.  The Sovereign Citizen Movement promotes an ideology that does not recognize the government and therefore makes these walking independent countries immune to federal, state and local laws. It’s sort of like those hipster athletes at the Olympics who for different reasons compete under the Olympic flag and get to have their own entrance and theme music at the opening ceremony.

Mr. Rosa even refers to himself as “An executor of the State of Joseph Anthony Rosa” – which is totally brilliant! Most people these days act like they are the Emperor of their own Galaxy anyway; this guy actually has the balls to follow through with it! Think of the perks! No taxes, no DMV, no Obama, Don’t have to answer for shoplifting charges, Every day is Taco Tuesday! I am going to declare myself the Supreme Leader of Phil-Land which consists of my half of the couch.

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Unfortunately The State of Joseph Anthony Rosa was invaded by foreign, Floridian officials and arrested recently. Now you might be saying to yourself “Screw the government! Leave the sovereign State of Joseph Anthony Rosa alone!” Well the State of Joseph Anthony Rosa has another citizen in its borders, Rosa’s young daughter who he has not sent to school in over a year. After all, why would he send his kid to a foreign school?  Florida school officials and police officers came to his home and confronted Joseph Anthony Rosa who asked them “Under what authority do you call me by that name!?” – which, to be honest sounds more like something a guy possessed by a demon would say, rather then the leader of a free and proud nation would say. President Rosa really needs to work on his international negotiating skills.  Witness the raw footage of the invasion of foreigners that The State of Joseph Anthony Rosa has made available for the world to see on its official YouTube channel.

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Needless to say he was arrested during another encounter and forced to appear in court where the judge informed him that unless his daughter is immediately enrolled in school, he will be sent to prison for several months. Then maybe he could end up on that show “Locked Up Abroad” to recount his horrible ordeal being held captive in Florida! If you start to vibe on what people like Rosa are saying, it’s a solid argument that can make you start to question reality. What does it really mean to be a citizen of a country? What is a “nation?” Fucking, magnets, how do they work?

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I wonder if the state known as Joseph Anthony Rosa has diplomatic relations with Petoria?

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Or how about the independent Nation of Mr. Show?

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