Florida Man Calls 911 Three Times To Ask Dispatcher Out On A Date

For some guys, it’s hard to find a woman. Maybe they have trust issues. It might be because they are shy. They even might be serving time for calling 911 in the hopes of asking the dispatcher out on a date

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Listen to the whole 911 call here including the line “I’m just calling to touch base with you guys.”

Stephen Ramsey of Naples, Florida found himself sitting along one night and feeling in need of some, shall we say, companionship. So he picked up the phone and dialed 911 and the voice of a female dispatcher came over the line. According to reports, he called 911 three times just to ask the dispatcher if she might be interested in going out on a date with him. During one of those calls, he stayed on the line for six whole minutes while he asked her if she was “into handcuffs” before laughing and hanging up the phone. The dispatcher sent a deputy over to his house to see how he would look in a pair of handcuffs before hauling him into jail on charges of misusing 911. 

Don’t call 911 if you’ve been drinking, especially if it is the easiest number that your intoxicated brain can recall. 

And here’s a surprise: the arresting officer said he noticed Ramsey was “slurring his speech heavily” and smelled as though he had been drinking heavily. When will people ever learn that drinking heavily and living in Florida is always a dangerous combination?