Florida Man Arrested for Playing National Anthem Too Loud

Get ready to start shouting phrases like “Is this Nazi Germany?!?” or “Is this North Korea?!?” or “Is this…some place in Florida?!?” Actually it is Neptune Beach, Florida. Police arrested a guitar player for playing the National Anthem too loud on the Fourth of July. 

Police in Jacksonville, Florida arrested Lane Pittman on Saturday on a misdemeanor charge of breach of the peace for his outdoor shredding of “The Star (Spangled Banner” in front of a loud, patriotic crowd of 200 screaming and cheering people. Pittman said to a local TV station that when he started playing his guitar, police approached him and asked him to move his guitar and amp away out of the street and onto the sidewalk. He compiled with their orders and continued to play but police took him away after he finished playing “The Star Spangled Banner.” A friend recorded his impromptu performance and arrest and uploaded it to YouTube so you can feel proud and sad at the same time, just like everyone who witnessed the event. 

Pittman said he plans to fight back against the officers who arrested him without just cause or even bothering to read him his Miranda rights. He’s also hired an attorney so he can take the officers and the department to court. If there was any true justice in the world, a judge should allow him to literally melt off their faces with a Jimi Hendrix-esque guitar solo. 

Source: Death and Taxes