Florida Man Angers Neighbors After He Wraps Entire House In Tinfoil

Today in Florida we go to Tarpon Springs where a man named Piotr Janowski wrapped most of his house and surrounding trees in tin foil. Maybe he was just trying to make sure that his house doesn’t spoil in the Florida heat?

Not the tackiest lawn decorations in Florida.

The self-described artist loves the way the sunshine, and shadows of the palm trees interact with his foil covered home.  He says “that’s art.” His neighbors don’t agree and have contacted authorities to see if they can make him remove his “art.”  As they say one man’s art is another man’s garbage and one man’s aluminum food wrapping is this guy’s art.

Upside: this probably keeps away door to door salesmen.

Tarpon Springs police Sgt. Ed Mille says “Code enforcement is still trying to determine if the project is violating any ordinances.”

For his part Janowski tauntingly says, “In their thick, bureaucratic books, I’m sure they have nothing against this.” 

Hopefully not a real bird.

He is right; thus far town officials have not found anything on the books to force him to remove the foil. Can you imagine living next door to this guy with the sun reflecting off his house? Now he has ruined it for everyone! You always wonder how they come up with those weird laws, now the good people of Tarpon Springs will have to pass a law banning wrapping your house in tin foil. Janowski even used an adhesive spray to make the foil stick, sort of like making a gold leaf. He says; “The house was simply about the transformation, how easily you can transform an ugly, ordinary house to something else.”

Guess they can’t read the meter; smart.

 You might be thinking that this is the crazy part. Maybe you’re thinking, ‘well hell this is America and a man should be allowed to do what he wants with his own damn home!’ Well, turns out the crazy part is that Janowki is a renter! It is not his own damn home, yet luckily for him his landlord seems not to mind. The house is a rental property that the graduate of the Art Institute of Chicago turned into a large art project last May. He says

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Source: Orlando  Weekly