Florida Man Accused of Sex with Pit Bull

PhilHaney by PhilHaney on Mar. 06, 2014
A man in Tampa, Florida, Bernard Marsonek was arrested earlier this week for having sex with a pit bull. Not to be confused with Pitbull the rapper, the man was actually having sex with his dog, a pit bull in his back garden.

(Not involved in this story, whatsoever. )

Police officers were called by neighbors after they repeatedly yelled at the man to stop having sex with the dog, but he would just not quit. Well, ya know, sometimes when you’re in the moment the whole rest of the world just slips away. When the police showed up, a bunch of people were outside, pretty upset with what was happening behind the house.  Maybe he figured he was already caught, so might as well finish the job?  Marsonek was arrested and charged with cruelty to animals, sex with animals and illegal gun possession (he was already a felon). In addition Animal Services took custody of eight pit bulls on the property. This is sure going to make for some awkward summer block parties in that neighborhood.  Tammy was caught nude sun bathing, George cheats on his wife, and oh hey, here comes Bernard…

He’s got Florida eyes.

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Mr_Tideman User

This guy is the rhubarb lady's son.

SirCopperfield User

From the looks of his face, it looks like the Pit-bull had Sex with him.

LL7 User

Florida Man is the nastiest of all the superheroes.

CurTas UserTop Commenter

Instead of smoking the bath salts, this guy should be bathing in them. Dirty Fu@k

Mizogucci User

Why is this illegal and sex with another man isn't. Both are naturally illogical.


@Mizogucci  Are you retarded?  It's all about consent, which animals are incapable of.  Why should it be illegal for two consenting adults to have sex? Because your a bigot I guess.  Suck a fat c@ck silly boy.

treyert User

@Michael-Rose-235  Unfortunately, no, you are not first. Through roughly 10000 years of human spoken and written history, there were many, many more gay fags that came out of closet before you. 

treyert User

@Johnny-Cage-892 And you sound French. Feel free to feel offended, I sure would, if I were you. 

treyert User

@ZeeNASTY Not being a bestial sodomizer, 'll argue this from a bystander point. So, how do you know dog wasn't consenting, did you ask it? Did it reply to you? Can you talk to any other animals? 

Kerri-Pool-709 User

@ZeeNASTY @Mizogucci What makes animals incapable of consent? What if it's in heat? It's a disgusting thing to think about, but who are YOU to say the dog didn't want it? You being a bigot? Assumptions? Might be rape this time, but some guy down the street could be making love to his dog and the dog is willing. Is this acceptable? Gay people are gross. Plain and simple. Keep your sex fantasies in the bedroom and quit bringing your biological deformation out in public and demand we accept it without disgust. If someone throws up in public, it makes me sick.. yet I have to watch two dudes make-out and have parades and if I so much as look away, I'm a nazi/bigot/racist.. fat people make me sick, too. You think we should just accept everyone we don't like? F*** that s*** and f*** you too, b*****.

Sarla User

@Kerri-Pool-709 @ZeeNASTY@Mizogucciwow you are actually worse than the guy screwing his dog.  I hope the next guy you run in to just beats the ever loving dogshat out of you.

Hamburg1ar User

@Kerri-Pool-709 I hate fat people too, like that chick in your profile pic.  Gross, plain and simple.