Florida Man Accused of Sex with Pit Bull

A man in Tampa, Florida, Bernard Marsonek was arrested earlier this week for having sex with a pit bull. Not to be confused with Pitbull the rapper, the man was actually having sex with his dog, a pit bull in his back garden.

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(Not involved in this story, whatsoever. )

Police officers were called by neighbors after they repeatedly yelled at the man to stop having sex with the dog, but he would just not quit. Well, ya know, sometimes when you’re in the moment the whole rest of the world just slips away. When the police showed up, a bunch of people were outside, pretty upset with what was happening behind the house.  Maybe he figured he was already caught, so might as well finish the job?  Marsonek was arrested and charged with cruelty to animals, sex with animals and illegal gun possession (he was already a felon). In addition Animal Services took custody of eight pit bulls on the property. This is sure going to make for some awkward summer block parties in that neighborhood.  Tammy was caught nude sun bathing, George cheats on his wife, and oh hey, here comes Bernard…

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He’s got Florida eyes.

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