Florida Hearse Drivers Stop For Donuts With Flag-Draped Coffin Of Veteran

Today in Florida we go to New Port Richey, a place that sounds more like the nickname of an old guy named Richey who loves his Newport smokes, than the name of a town. That is where a pair of funeral home workers were accused of disrespecting one of our nation’s military veterans with a donut run. Rob Carpenter, a man whose father and close friends have served the country was mortified when he stopped by the local Dunkin’ Donuts and saw a hearse carrying an American flag draped coffin double parked out front as the drivers were inside getting some coffee, a few bear claws and maybe a couple of them delicious French Crullers, mmm… donuts.

That’s outrageous and offensive! Look at that parking job! The hearse is parked in the MIDDLE of TWO SPOTS! They should be charged with treason!

Carpenter confronted the two funeral home workers as they came back to the hearse with their Dunkin Donuts and he was more like Dunkin’ Do Not.

“I’m like, ‘Is this really a body in here?’ and he says, ‘Yes,’ and I said, ‘So you have a dead soldier in the back of your hearse and you’re stopping to get coffee?’ And he didn’t say anything.”

Did not want to be on Jerry Seinfeld’s new web series “Drivers In Hearses Getting Coffee.”

The donut craving hearse drivers were carrying the body of Ltc. Jesse Coleman who served in Korea and Vietnam, having recently passed away at the age of 84. His body was being transported from Clearwater’s Veteran’s Funeral Care to his funeral when they made the stop.

They could have at least used the drivethru!

After the workers showed a lack of remorse for their donut mistake, Carpenter sent photos and video of the incident with a veterans group, Veteran’s Warriors.

The owner of the funeral home, Jim Rudolph was outraged when he heard the news and later fired the two men. Rudolph cited that most of his employees are veterans or have family members who are veterans. For their part the family of Ltc Coleman was happy with the funeral service and did not wish for the men to be fired. However,  the funeral director couldn’t move past  it: stopping for any reason outside of an emergency once the body is in the hearse is strictly forbidden, even if you are really craving a cream filled long john.

 Do you think these funeral workers should have been fired for stopping for donuts?

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Source: WFLA