Florida Gun Range Is Adding A Restaurant With Booze On The Menu

A shooting range in Florida is actually adding on a restaurant to their establishment where patrons will also be able to buy booze, drink said booze, get drunk on said booze and then fire some guns while drunk…on said booze. We want to personally thank the state of Florida for giving Break.com future, glorious content. Dreams do come true, people.

Of course there were some folks that were a little on edge with the idea, but since we live in a democratic society, they put it to a vote. And my goodness, wouldn’t you have guessed it, it was actually approved! Now before you go thinking this is just a bad idea, the man behind this brilliant concept, Ron Perkinson assured everyone that he’s going to have a “watch list” for anyone who stirs up trouble and will call the police immediately if anything gets out of hand. If you’re already having to tell the Florida commissioners these particular details regarding your restaurant, maybe your idea is already leading you into a real grim outcome.

Here’s the mastermind assuring you how safe the building is. Yes, the building, because that’s really what we’re all worried about.

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TV’s on the wall so you can watch your family shoot at the range while you eat pizza?! Sign me up! Another round for the boys! The only problem here is that just because you’re going for a family restaurant doesn’t mean you’re not going to get the occasional drunken dirtbags.

In fact, Perkinson is already putting any future blame on the patrons and not himself by saying “If you choose to have an alcoholic beverage and go home, that’s on you. It’s no different than them leaving here and going to Outback.” But they’re not going to Outback, Ron. They’re going to your restaurant. Pretty sure that’s the whole point of you opening one.

Of course he didn’t address the whole having an alcoholic beverage BEFORE heading to the firing range topic but that would’ve been too logical I suppose.