Today in Florida: Man Arrested Picking up Hooker With Son

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Some dads take their kids to the park to play ball, some teach their children how to ride a bike. Daytona Beach, Florida father Patrick Williams takes his 4 year old son out for a night of picking up hookers. Williams allegedly drove down to a “known” area for prostitutes on Ridgewood Avenue where police say he pulled over to solicit a street walker that was actually an undercover cop- all with his kid in the back seat. Apparently brothels don’t have day care.


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He has a pretty tight excuse though: Williams claims that “I never solicited in any way. She came over, offered everything. It’s a big entrapment. Police sting.” Plus, he says he was on his way to buy his son some toys and only pulled over to pray for the woman who he thought was a crack head. Seems legit: I like to go to the bad part of town, pull over, roll down my windows and pray for all the people in bad situations I see: Crack heads, prostitutes, ax murderers. It gets the blood flowing.


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However the police claim that when the undercover lady of the night told Williams that she had  a room with a TV where the child could watch cartoons while they got down to business, he made a counter offer.  He would just turn around with his back to the kid so he couldn’t see anything sexual happening. When he pulled away to turn around, that’s when police arrested him. This could also be a good lesson for his son. He will teach him to tie his shoes, brush his teeth and keep his pimp hand strong.


Do you believe his story, or does it stink more than a hooker after a long shift on a hot Daytona night?

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