Florida Dentist Unnecessarily Removes Children’s Teeth To Get Medicaid Money

Today in Florida we go to Jacksonville where a pediatric dentist named Dr. Howard Schneider is accused of things that will make you brush your teeth extra well just so you don’t have to get a checkup anytime soon.

The Tooth Fairy should beat this guy with her wand.

50 parents of former patients are suing the dentist for pulling their children’s teeth for no reason and other physical abuses. I should say no medical reason; the dentist was motivated financially. For each individual tooth pulled, Medicaid pays dental benefits. Over just the past five years Dr. Schneider has received $4 million dollars in Medicaid reimbursements. That’s a lot of pulled teeth.

The stories are horrifying: Brandi Motley took her six year old daughter Bri’el to Dr. Schneider to have one tooth pulled. However once there she was not allowed to go into the procedure with her child and sat in the waiting room for three hours, becoming increasingly worried.   

“Finally, the nurse came and got me and she said there had been an incident,” Brandi Motley said. “(Bri’el) was hyperventilating. She had marks all over her, blood all over her. In the parking lot, she takes her gauze out, and I notice that all of her teeth were gone.”

Anderson Cooper interviewed several of the victims;

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When the dentist and nurses wouldn’t give her a solid answer on what happened Motley rushed her daughter to the emergency room. When Bri’el said that the dentist had hit and choked her, her mom called the police. Like in any “good” horror movie the police were not very helpful, even denying to CNN that a report had been made. So Motley decided to post photos of her daughter’s injuries to Facebook which quickly went viral. Dozens of other parents began sharing similar stories about Dr. Schneider who still denies everything.  

Parents have been protesting outside his office for weeks; this mother was ready to throw down when the bastard showed his face outside.

This isn’t the first time that the dentist has been accused of abusing children; in 2013 he was accused of slapping a five-year old girl in front of her mother. That case was dropped after prosecutors said that there was a low probability of a conviction. So good work prosecutors!  This guy was allowed to pull kids teeth for two more years.  

Fun Fact: this place is still open.

To top it off Dr. Schneider’s wife is now filing for divorce; not because she discovered that her husband of fifteen years is a horrible person willing to abuse children for money – but because she wants to know where that sweet four million dollars went to.  Sounds like these two were made for each other.

This is where we come to the Break Question Of The Day: If you were left alone in a room with this guy and a pair of pliers, what would you do to him?

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Source: WFSF.com