Florida Couple Gets Trapped Inside Unlocked Closet For Two Days

Today in Florida, a lovely couple (John Arwood and Amber Campbell) was finally found after calling police informing them they were trapped inside a closet without any other information, location included. Using the data from Arwood’s cell phone, the police were able to track down their whereabouts only to discover the closet had literally no lock to keep the couple trapped inside for two full days.

But it’s the other discovery police made that turns this story from bad to worse. Upon opening the door, authorities also found out that the couple had taken sh*ts inside of the closet as well during their staycation.

Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt if they lived in Florida.

To make it even weirder, the location of the closet wasn’t a residence. The couple was found at the Daytona State College inside a janitor’s closet. Police also noted that the smell of meth wafted out after the couple emerged. Ah, okay, theeeeere it is. Fun and games aside, how did they apparently end up in the closet in the first place? They told authorities that they were being chased and the closet was the best place to hide. Poor guys.

Both were charged with trespassing and the woman was charged with probation violation. Okay, but who’s gonna clean up all this poop!

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source: Gawker