Florida Couple Fined For Feeding The Homeless

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You know those signs that tell you: “don’t feed the birds?” Well in Daytona Beach, Florida they may have to put up signs that say “Don’t Feed The Homeless People.” A retired couple, Debbie and Chico Jimenez found this out the hard way after they were each fined $300 by for providing food to the needy in Manatee Island Park. If they continue to feed the homeless they could even face jail time. That will teach them for being a Good Samaritan!  

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Trying way too hard to make the rest of us look bad.

For the past year the two have fed home make meals to around 100 homeless in the area every Wednesday, all as part of their ministry “Spreading the Word Without Saying a Word.” It seems like all they really wanted to spread was a little mayonnaise on some sandwiches for those less fortunate.

However the city of Daytona looks at it differently, having warned Jimenez not to feed homeless in the park before. The city has invested millions of dollars upgrading the park with picnic facilities, kayaks, playgrounds and a dog area. The police simply don’t want all those smelly homeless people pissing and shitting in the park when there are people trying to walk their dogs nearby. The law requires people, who want to volunteer to give out food to coordinate efforts with the city in order to restrict where the homeless people congregate.

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You have to hand it to one of the volunteers who tries to convince a police officer writing the group a citation that they are all just having a big birthday party!

“Allegedly” – as in we see the police ticketing the volunteers in the video.

Stories like these are the reason I stay on my couch instead of trying to do something productive and meaningful with my life. Either way you look at the story, it sure does make me feel comfortable and reassured in my choice to not get up and do something.

What do you think: should they be fined for attracting all the homeless people to the park or is this an injustice?  

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