Florida Cop Too Drunk To Receive Award For Most DUI Arrests

Today in Florida we go to Pinellas County where one police officer is experiencing some Today in Irony. It seems that Officer Michael Szeliga celebrated a little too hard the fact that he was getting an award for making over 100 DUI arrests from the organization Mothers Against Drunk Driving.  He showed up to the ceremony so wasted he couldn’t even walk straight.  Whoops!

While the anti-drinking and driving group wanted to honor the officer for his service keeping over 100 drunks off the road, some were concerned that he may have actually driven himself drunk to the banquet. Here is a pro tip; don’t get liquored up to go get your DUI arrest award.  It would be like getting an award for capturing murderers and on your way stabbing a few folks for fun. It’s just not good form.

When Officer Szeliga arrived, his fellow policemen were not amused at the irony that he was totally shit faced. They told him to go back to his room to sleep it off and he ended up missing the ceremony in front of 200 people. Sheriff Bob Gualtieri says;

“It was wrong, and again, one of the most ridiculous things I’ve heard of. When I first heard about it, that was (what) my reaction was. ‘Come on, you’ve got to be kidding me. Really?’”

The cocktail loving cop was given a day of paid suspension and made to write a letter of apology to his superiors who he was being a dick to in his drunken state.  Further investigation revealed that the policeman brought a few friends to the hotel where the MADD conference was held including one Mr. Jack Daniels.

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Source: Raw Story