Florida Police Officer Fired For Being In KKK Got A New Job At Elementary School

Today In Florida we go to Fruitland Park where people are getting all fired up over who was working at the local elementary school. It turns out that a Fruitland Park deputy police chief named David Borst was fired from the force after the FBI revealed to local officials that Borst was a member of the KKK. No worries, now he works at the elementary school. Whoops!!

Now I know what you are thinking; that stereotype is true! The police sure love their donuts! He must have been a member of the Krispy Kreme Klub. Sadly no; we are talking about everyone’s “favorite” hate group, the Klu Klux Klan who specialize in perpetuating stereotypes of a different variety. Yay!

Well last year after Deputy Borst and another officer, Cpl Goerge Hunnewell were booted for their membership to the Klan, the good folks of Fruitland Park Florida thought that the incident was over. That was until this week when it was revealed that Borst had been working in the kitchen of an elementary school. Zoinks!

Parents are a little bit upset about the school’s choice in kitchen help. While Borst had only been on the job for three days before being discovered as the former cop Klan member, some were wondering how he passed a background check to work at the school in the first place. One parent said:

“Kids are smart and they pick up on things. He might say a word or something and the child might hear it,” parent Yoma Isaac said told local WFTV. “You never know what he could say.”

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A parent had recognized the Klansman cook working at the school and posted this information to Facebook, leading to his getting canned yet again. I understand this guy needs a job, so maybe the Klan is hiring a white robe washer?

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Source: WFTV