Florida Carjacker Picks Worst Car To Jack: Unmarked Cop Car With 2 Detectives

Today in Florida we go to St. Petersburg where Dominque Albert thought he had picked an easy target when he decided to run up on a car with a knife and attempt a carjacking. However this easy “win” quickly turned into a fail when poor Dominque discovered that the car he was jacking was actually an unmarked police vehicle inhabited by two plain clothes detectives. Whoops!


Now he is going to have to listen to Mcconaughey deliver a monologue.

Albert quickly opened the passenger side door of the car while brandishing a steak knife toward Detectives D. Torok and B. McKean who I assume thought that another officer had paid the guy to come up and prank them. However realizing that it wasn’t a hoax, Torok yelled “Police!” while whipping out his service revolver and pointing it at the carjacker who promptly ran away dropping the knife. Now how is he going to cut his steak?

Up next Albert is going to try to rob a police station.

The detectives ran after Albert and after a small struggle were able to detain and arrest him. Held on $170,000 bail, is now being charged with carjacking and assaulting a law enforcement officer. No word on if he is being charged with being the biggest dumbass criminal in all of Florida.

Here is the full report:

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Source: NY Daily News