Florida Barbershop Used As Illegal Strip Club!

A Pine Hills, Florida Barbershop is accused of showing off landing strips rather than buzz cuts. Owner Derick Prince is in jail after authorities raided “Super Fades” during an afterhours raid where undercover agents witnessed strippers getting naked, including a 17 year-old  girl and booze being served.

It seems that someone sure was keeping it shaved at Super Fades, but it wasn’t how’d expect. Agents allege that the barbershop trimmed hair during the day, but every Saturday night the Price started charging admission at the door, liquor was served and women began stripping fully nude. The barbershop even had a stripper poll installed in the middle of the place, which remained there all hours of the day. So instead of tipping your barber for a good cut, you could make it rain… with I’m assuming hair trimmings instead of money, which is gross.

Seems like a great place for some scissoring, said no one.

Price denies the allegations, telling local news, “It’s customer appreciation. I thank my customers for coming in and supporting me, that’s all it was.” He goes on to say that he collects “donations” rather than a cover charge. You see, he appreciates his customers donating him ten dollars by providing naked women and alcohol.

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Weirdly the barbershop owner is still going to be seeing a lot of poles in the near future.

Authorities removed the stripper pole from the barbershop. Now that there is one less illegal strip club in Florida, it might be a good time to invest in a classy New Hitch Platinum Pole that attaches to the back of a pickup truck. Now you can take the fun on the run:

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