Florida Babysitter Stabs Guy For Refusing Sex

There are a lot of late-night softcore T&A flicks that would have you believe it’s every fathers dream to proposition the babysitter for a quick bone. However, this potential male fantasy quickly turned into a horror movie for one Florida man.

When Eugene Sylvester wanted to attend a barbeque at a friend’s house, he hired a babysitter to come with him and watch his kids at the party. Shakieria Anquanette Shan Long, also known as “Sha Sha,” agreed to sit his babies. However, it seems that she wasn’t cut out for the job. This babysitter didn’t want cash and an awkward ride home from Mr. Sylvester; she wanted him to bang her.

He would have been better off letting the dingoes watch the baby.

According to witnesses, Sha Sha began screaming at Sylvester, demanding he have sex with her. When he told her no, she grabbed a knife, followed him into another room, and began jabbing him in the neck. Sha Sha then came out of the room, telling everyone that his neck was “leaking.”

To me this might be the weirdest part of the story. When there is blood gushing from a knife wound, who says the neck is “leaking?” That’s like having a heart attack and saying my heart is “sleepy.” I guess technically it’s correct, but still; what a weirdo. Just stab someone for denying you for sex like a normal person.

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Life imitating art? I Don’t know, but this movie just went on my Netflix.

Good guy Sylvester was going to let this obviously crazy lady go without calling the cops or pressing charges. A friend took a towel and pressed it against his “leaky” neck and he began to walk home. That’s when Sha Sha confronted him in the street and began punching him in the face. Did I mention she was drunk?

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She accepts all forms of payment for babysitting.

In the end Sylvester needed stitches, but he still refused to press charges on Sha Sha. You’re not going to believe this, but she was already out on bond for disorderly intoxication, resisting arrest, and battery on a police officer in a separate incident. She’s going to need some extra cash for all her upcoming legal proceedings, so if you need someone to watch your kids…

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