Why Are Fleshlights Filled With Money Popping Up Around Los Angeles?

When most men stick their penis inside something, it ends up costing them money. But thanks to a new, disgustingly brilliant PR campaign, sticking your wang in a strange hole might actually make you a few dollars richer.

The makers of Fleshlight, the flashlight-shaped male sex toy, have teamed up with the guys at Simple Pickup to create a sex-toy scavenger hunt. The group will be hiding 200 Fleshlights around Los Angeles, each one containing up to $100 dollars. It’s a lot like that @HiddenCash game from a few months back, except instead of a hidden envelope, there’s a big rubber vagina. Three cheers for innovation!

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The group will post clues on their Twitter and Facebook pages with the hashtag #fleshcash. This will enable unemployed idiots to spend hours combing the city searching for a plastic pussy. If that sounds like fun to you, here’s the first clue.

Does that clue ring a bell? Well hold your horses. The contest doesn’t actually start until October 25th. So if you find a Fleshlight hidden in the city before that date, be careful. It’s probably not filled with cash.

After the contest begins, the group has pledged to hide an additional cash-filled vagina for every 100,000 views their video receives. When all is said and done, $10,000 will have been given away, and ISIS will have one more reason to hate this country. (H/T Metro)