Worker On Probation For Beer At Desk, Lucky HR Didn’t Find What Was Inside

We thought we had seen it all until now. From peeing in your co-workers coffee to things much, much worse but none of it equalled to this incident where an employee got in trouble for having a can of beer at his desk. Only it wasn’t beer that was the contents of the can.

Posted to Reddit, with the caption “Good thing they didn’t try to open it”, the image showed the beer seen and reported by fellow co-workers. It looks like your average imported Asian can of beer, tall in size which can only mean this guy really hated his job. Or at least tried to make it more pleasure after you see what was found inside.

Just a regular tasty can of beer. Or is it?

Nope–it’s a fleshlight!

[[contentId: 2863876| | style: height:212px; width:408px]]

It’s stressful times like these you wish you had a full beer at work to chug. But some relieve stress in other ways I suppose.

However according to the man’s write up from HR, the object found was written up as just a “full can of beer under Ron _____ desk.” If only they knew the truth.

For one, the can wasn’t even open and even I have an unopened collector’s beer can at my desk, so really this isn’t a big deal. What would have been a big deal is if HR knew you liked to shove your bottleneck into a plastic mouth amongst other co-workers. Now that’s something that probably wouldn’t have been easily forgiven, let alone kept quiet. God knows if I found out someone was hiding a fleshlight at their desk, I’m telling at least five people. Including the janitor! But really, If sex toy companies were smart, they would’ve made a soda can as another consumer option. But like…a really sexy soda can.

You got lucky this time, Ron. You crazy bastard.