Six People Who Need This New Hangover Cure The Most

Science is the best party friend ever!

This week at the American Chemical Society Exposition (I guess there’s an exposition for everything) in New Orleans (if you’re going to talk about chemicals, New Orleans is probably the best place to do it), food chemist Alyson E. Mitchell revealed findings that state an old Asian soup nicknamed “Old Sober” is the best hangover remedy.

Its real name is Yak-a-mein soup and consists of noodles, meats like chicken and beef, a sliced hard-boiled egg, and a spicy and salty broth with soy sauce. The eggs contain cysteine, which helps to remove acetaldehyde (the stuff that causes stomach pains and headaches) from the body. The broth is full of salt that can replace sodium, potassium, and other salts lost due to the constant process of pissing that every drunk experiences.

So party responsibly, people. Have a cooking party first, then the real party, and in the morning, have a soup eating party. Basically, you’re only responsible if you have three parties at a time. And it’s been proven by science!

Don’t believe me? Here are five people who didn’t party responsibly and regret it.

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